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Paper cushion pads.CO is a leading manufacturer of Custom 糖果墊. We have a well-organized stable of loyal customers and highly experienced teams in the field. We offer our customers sturdy and durable candy box pads at the most competitive prices and are able to withstand the toughest shipping and Storage conditions.

To ensure that candy stays fresh and undamaged during shipping, candy box pads need to be in the proper shape and size. Custom your candy pads to fill the designated space to meet your needs.

我哋認為只有 Custom 讓您的品牌獨一無二.

Candy pads are used to protect chocolates, 糖果, 餅乾. 它非常適合放在巧克力盒中. Candy box pads are food-grade. The paper used for candy pads is either white or brown kraft paper. We manufacture Paper Cushion Pads 3ply, 5層, 7帶填充層嘅9層, 它可以喺運輸過程中吸收搖晃.

Custom candy pads shape

Round candy pads, Heart-shaped candy box pads, Rectangle paper cushion pads.


棕色糖果墊,White candy pads,Golden candy pads

Food-grade ink printing

We use up to 4 shades of food-grade, eco-friendly soy inks to customize your brand printing


Candy Bar Cushions Structure Schematic


We take great pride in our commitment to producing high quality, reliable and efficient candy mats and chocolate box inserts suitable for candy box packaging. Our company is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and strives to stay at the forefront of the industry by developing innovative solutions using the latest technology and techniques.

Our customers rely on our products to protect their valuable goods during shipping and storage, which is why we make sure that our pads are made from materials that are strong, 耐用, and able to withstand even the most rigorous transportation and handling conditions.

We offer a range of Candy box pads that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. From different sizes and shapes to a variety of colors and designs, we have a pad that is perfect for any candy or small food item. We also understand that every customer has different requirements, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our White Candy Pads are also designed to be visually appealing, with a clean and simple white design that complements the bright colors and patterns of the candies themselves. This can help to enhance the overall presentation of the product and make it more appealing to customers.

We can print your name or logo on a white candy mat, perfect for promoting branded candy, chocolate stores, or small business owners.

White Candy Pads are an essential component of any candy packaging solution. They provide a reliable and effective means of protecting and supporting candies during transportation and storage and are sure to meet the unique needs of any customer. Whether you are a small business owner looking to package your homemade candies or a large corporation in need of a reliable packaging solution for your candy products, our White Candy Pads are sure to meet your needs.

brown candy pads

Our brown candy pads are made from environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice for customers concerned about sustainability. Despite being made of biodegradable materials, our brown candy pads are still strong, 耐用, and able to withstand transportation and handling.

Custom your brown candy pads, from your favorite shape, 大小, and brand. Handmade oil-proof paper with natural chocolate coffee color.

You can choose one side white and one side brown, or two sides brown, brown with gold printing to make it have a security cushion at the same time, but also for the packaging to enhance the taste.

Our unique candy pads are a must have for your next project. you can customize the size, shape and brand printed logo. Each pad is made of natural oil resistant food grade paper for chocolate lovers. Blends well with candy and chocolate making it a customer favorite!

Gold candy pads-Metalized Foil

Gold candy pads is also one of the favorite colors of consumers, usually expressed in the form of gold on one side and white on the other. The brand logo printed on the gold is more vivid and eye-catching, while the white is the base color that presents the most colorful printing.

The Gold Candy Pads are available in all colors and sizes, which can be custom printed to all popular markets and formats using your own brand logo. As an added advantage, gold is one of the most sought after colors by consumers, mainly because of its high demand. Instead of having the same color scheme across your marketing materials, with our custom branded candy pads, you can add a refreshing twist to your product packaging.

There are various types of foil and gold, it is also one of the most popular colors for candy pads. To make it more eye-catching, we have applied a high-quality plastic coating on the surface of the product. The gold is printed over a white base that makes the product very colorful and eye-catching.They’re a great way to liven up every party and they look elegant on any party table.

round candy pads

If your candy gift box is round, then you must customize it with the perfect size candy pads. So that customers can show off their pad printed logo and get a premium feel for their gift. Not only will the printed logo show the brand positioning, but your customers will be able to see their order better when unwrapped and laying on a round table or counter.

So that customers can show off their pad printed logo and get a premium feel for their gift.

custom wholesale candy pad sheets

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us a leading supplier of Candy pads wholesale, 定製糖果墊, glassine candy pads, round candy pads, white candy pads, and other candy packaging materials.

One of our core strengths as a Candy pad manufacturer is our ability to offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. We understand that every candy product is different and that packaging requirements can vary widely depending on factors such as size, 形狀, and fragility.

Whether you are looking for Candy pads for boxes, Candy pads for chocolates, or other types of candy packaging materials, we have the expertise and experience to help you find the right solution. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences, and to develop customized packaging solutions that meet their exact specifications.


Our candy pads are made from 100% 可回收同環保嘅可生物降解. We have a variety of sizes and shapes available, so whether you are making chocolates, truffles or caramels we have the perfect candy pad for you.

Other suppliers may sell candy pads but our candy pads are made in a dust-free environment from food-grade glass paper, ensuring no contamination occurs during production.

Our honeycomb buffers are made from food grade glassine paper which is moisture resistant and has low migration of ink to ensure that the printing ink doesn’t migrate into the food.

The internal honeycomb buffer is made from Food Grade Glassine Paper, which is resistant to static, 易吸油, 非水, 表面定製印刷, 高防空通道. The glassine paper is the best raw material for making honeycomb buffer. The glassine paper also has low migration of ink to ensure that the printing ink does not migrate into the food.



品牌主設計具有精美風格的食品包裝,以吸引消費者’ 注意力. 同時, 食品包裝嘅安全性更為重要.

R & D engineer and technical director



糖果墊係由多層紙製成嘅內部結構, 就好似好多小彈簧一樣, 係呢啲小彈簧嘅緩衝力. 它將保持巧克力安全周轉運輸.

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1700m2潔淨車間1500 m2紫外線殺菌車間


自動化生產線 5 糖果墊


  1. 2層, 3層, 5層, 7層, 同9ply
  2. 紙墊,提供多種厚度選擇 (範圍由1毫米到10毫米)
  3. 有白色可供選擇, 棕色, 黑, 或打印
  4. 定製徽標打印服務
  5. 模切到矩形, 圓, 心, 或任何自定義形狀

candy pads provide exceptional protection for your chocolate products.

呢啲咕係糖果嘅天然泉水, ensuring that moving and shipping won’t break up your delicious chocolates.

Candy pads are a great way to package your product. Candy pads are also known as chocolate cushion pads, 定製糖果墊, and white candy pads. Brown candy pads are also available. Candy pads can be round or rectangular and come in a variety of sizes. We carry a huge selection of glassine candy pads.

Custom Candy Box Pads are a great way to make your product stand out. Candy pads are also called chocolate cushion pads and they are used to protect your product from damage during shipping. They can also be used as an added layer of protection if your items are glass or fragile in nature. We offer custom candy pads in three different colors including white, brown and round.

We can make custom candy pads out of any size you need, so if you have a special project that needs protecting we can work with you to find the right solution! Our candy pads are made from recycled paper materials, which means they are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

These chocolate cushion pads are perfect for packaging chocolates or other food items that need extra protection during shipping. They’re also great for packaging gift baskets because they’re sturdy enough to keep everything safe inside without being too bulky or heavy on their own. The cushion pads also come with a window on the front side so you can see exactly what’s inside without having to open up the whole package! These cushions come in various sizes so you can find the right one for your needs.


Candy pads are used to protect chocolates, 糖果, 餅乾. 它非常適合放在巧克力盒中. Candy pad cut to shape is not paperboard. It’s a food grade paper with wax coating.

紙墊3層, 5層, 7ply with padding layers, 它可以喺運輸過程中吸收搖晃. 糖果墊係食品級嘅.

Glassine paper is a kind of semi-transparent and slightly shiny paper. The surface is smooth, non-absorbent, with good resistance to oil and grease. It also has good folding resistance and heat resistance.

It is actually made from wood pulp and it is a type of greaseproof paper. The manufacturing process involves treating the wood pulp with sulfuric acid which removes the lignin from the pulp leaving a translucent white paper behind.

The word glassine comes from the word glass meaning transparent or glossy.

Environmentally friendly, recyclable, 可生物降解嘅

Our candy pad is made of the best raw material on the marketfood grade glass paper. It’s resistant to static, 易吸油, 非水, 表面定製印刷, high air permeability. 保鮮紙係製作糖果墊嘅最佳原料. 保鮮紙仲具有低油墨遷移率,以確保印刷油墨唔會遷移到食品中.

And our glass paper is certified as 100% 可回收同環保嘅可生物降解. 我哋喺無塵嘅環境中製造我哋嘅咕,以確保冇污染嘅機會.

Candy Pads 3ply, 5層, 7帶填充層嘅9層, 它可以喺運輸過程中吸收搖晃.

係, we are a candy pad supplier that offers customization options such as branding, 大小, and shape. Customized mats can help increase your brand awareness and enhance the overall aesthetics of your packaging.

係, there are environmentally friendly candy mats available, mats that are biodegradable or compostable mats made from paper, or plant material. These options can help reduce the environmental impact of your packaging.


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