Candy Pads & Chocolate Pads Suppliers and Manufacturers

We are manufacturers of all types of candy pads, paper cushion pads, and chocolate pads. These candy pads are used to protect chocolates, candies, cookies, 等. It fits nicely in the chocolate box.

Paper Cushion Pads 3ply, 5層, 7ply 9ply with padding layers, 它可以喺運輸過程中吸收搖晃. Candy pads are food-grade. Can custom brand logo paper color and shape.

Since 1998 has been committed to Paper CUSHION PADS research and development and production

We provide food-grade Candy Pads & Chocolate Pads for the EU and Asia and Southeast Asian countries.


Custom candy pads with logo.We are good at producing white pads black cushion pads and brown Candy Pads.Candy Bar Cushions is a weighting component of candy safe transportation guarantees.Usually 3PLY, 5PLY,7PLY,9PLY padding layers.

chocolate box padding

Every box of chcoolates need a cushion pad to keep those chocolates safe and damage free.Biodegradable Luxurious Choc Confectionery Packaging Cushion Insert Pad.Chocolate Box Padding Custom layer or Duplex Print and Embossed.

cushion pads suppliers

Cushion Pads Suppliers, Candy and Chocolate Cushion Covers custom. Food grade meets FCS raw materials. Self-developed high buffer patented structure. Round, square heart shaped and various types of shaped manufacturing.

Our Paper Cushion Pads will keep your products safe and intact during shipping. Our custom boxes with cushion inserts can be easily to display on the shelves in retail stores, which will increase sales and increase your profit margins. Our paper cushion pads can also be used to easily ship your products out to customers by simply putting a pad inside a shipping box or mailing gift boxes. This will ensure your products stay safe and intact during the transportation process. We can customize the shape and size according to your needs. We can also print colorful designs on the surface of our paper cushion pads.

Different layers of candy pads
Material of paper CUSHION PADS buffer

Material of paper cushion pads buffer

candy pads and chocolate box cushion pads Manufacturing process


Paper cutting

Custom FCS food-grade paper materials according to PI requirements, usually black or white and brown. Can also customize paper color

Paper dedusting and electrostatic removal


Paper dedusting

Eliminate dust and static electricity generated during transportation, storage and dividing materials


Custom brand

Food grade soy ink printing logo and brand VI.Optional single or double-sided printing.We have design and printing capabilities

Embossed close-up photo


Buffer layer embossing

Scientific reasonable buffer coverage and height, maximizing candy and chocolate protection, while minimizing thickness.

Food Grade Chocolate Box Cushion Pads Bonded and QC (1)


3PLY, 5PLY, 7PLY,9PLY bond

Clean workshop assembly line production process. Improve production efficiency and help your brand to improve market competitiveness.

Customized size and structure


Cut as required

Introducing automatic die-cutting equipment, reducing manual contact, improving the flatness and hardness of the edge of the product.

Food Grade Chocolate Box Cushion Pads UV Disinfection


≥48H UV disinfection

We adhere to each batch of UV disinfection ≥ 48h. Ensure the destruction of common bacteria and E. coli. Each batch of products are submitted to authoritative mechanisms.

Candy Pads Chocolate Box Paper Cushion Pads warehouse keeper


QC entering warehouse

After passing the self-inspection of the production line, the product shall be checked by QC and QA before entering the finished product warehouse.The warehouse administrator registers and informs the sales staff.

PaperCushionPads.CO is a professional printing and packaging company.Office in New York, USA

Our main products are candy pads and paper cushion pads.

There are special candy packaging production bases in Shenzhen, 中國.

We have 1700㎡ clean workshops. 自動化生產線 5 糖果墊. And 1500㎡ UV sterilization workshop and 815㎡ finished warehouse.

50 人過 10 年工作經驗,26 新員工, 4 設計師, 3 售貨員. 我哋嘅團隊不大, 但非常專業.

公司成立於紐約 1998.

2011 由克里斯建立. 威廉喺中國建立工廠.

PaperCushionPads.CO 製造商糖果墊和紙墊墊. 積累包裝經驗係一個漫長嘅過程. 嚴格管理我哋嘅供應鏈. 為客戶帶來最好嘅糖果墊同紙墊墊,以展示他們的品牌, 同時也保證了食品包裝嘅安全性.


克里斯. 威廉


How long I can get candy pads?

Request existing candy pads samples and can be sent on the same day. Custom Paper Cushion Pads samples for 5-7 days. Batch orders must be 2-3 weeks of production time required for the necessary UV disinfectio.

What do I need to tell you? So I can get the price.

Please send us details of the candy pads you want to custom. ( 1 )size ( 2 ) quantity ( 3 ) layers ( 4 )print or blank ( 5 ) your detail address or postcode.

What certification can your cushion pads for chocolate boxes?

Our companies are certified by ISO9001: 2015. Material complies with FDA and FCS.Entrusted authoritative third-party institutions to test each batch of goods.

Try to communicate with us

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矩形, 廣場, 心, 圈, 三角形, 八角形或你講嘅形狀, 我定製咗任何形狀嘅糖果墊. 佢哋所做嘅一切都係基於您的規格. 訂單數量不設最低要求. 佢哋嘅價錢係您的確切需求.
3 層和 5 層結構. 佢哋一直喺創新和改進我哋嘅產品. 佢哋已經發展 7 層和 9 層結構, 目前與創新和優雅嘅替代品融合喺一齐! 普通或印刷, 巧克力或白巧克力將補充我哋嘅外包裝. 定製設計打印,以增強糖果墊嘅優雅.
PapercuShionPads有一個管理 - 哲學 - 服務. 產品質量和溝通可以得到客戶嘅滿意.
裝飾性和保護性糖果墊都稱為填充物, 華 夫 餅, 同裝飾墊. 但無論你如何稱呼它們, 被稱為當今市場上最迷人嘅! 我哋有與佢哋合作一段時間 10 年. 佢哋將繼續我哋狂熱嘅質素方法, 服務, 同準時交貨.

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