custom paper cushion pads for chocolate boxes

Papercushionpads Package prides itself in providing custom cushion pads for chocolate boxes. Our high-quality manufacturing process can make your chocolate packaging look unique and keep chocolate safe.

We manufacturers and custom chocolate cushion pad according to the different needs of each customer.

We think the only custom makes your brand unique.

Square round heart rectangular candy chocolate mat customization

Custom your chocolate cushion pads shape

The cushion pads are made of food-grade paper and have a special coating on the top surface, which helps to keep your chocolate fresh. The cushion pads can be used to wrap chocolate products. 

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Custom your chocolate pads color

Cushion pads for chocolate boxes are the perfect way to protect your chocolates during shipping. They also make a great addition to your packaging, adding sophistication and elegance to your products. We offer a wide selection of cushion pads in various sizes and colors.

candy pads

Customize your cushion pads for chocolate boxes printing

The cushion pads can be made out of different colors as per your requirement or as per your company’s demand. It is also possible to print your company logo on these custom printed chocolate cushion pads.

We are happy to customize the right size for each brand

Papercushionpackage has a team of experienced, dedicated, and professional designers who will design custom printed chocolate box pads to give your brand an edge over your competitors. We are proud to offer the best quality printing at a reasonable price to our customers.

The chocolate cushion pads are made of paper, which is a natural material, and they have a better absorbent performance than other materials. They are mainly used in cushioning the chocolate box during transportation, storage, and display.

A chocolate paper cushion pad is an essential product for packaging chocolate boxes. The main purpose of using this paper cushion pad is to protect the chocolate box from being damaged during transportation and storage.

Chocolate cushion pads can be divided into two types: general use chocolate paper cushion pads and special use chocolate paper cushion pads according to their usage. The former is mainly used for packaging normal chocolate boxes; the latter is mainly used for packaging high-end chocolates with high requirements on appearance and quality such as luxury gifts, wedding gifts, or congratulation gifts.

Customize your candy pads Number of layers and thickness

Candy Bar Cushions Structure Schematic

Chocolate cushion pads are essential to keeping your product in perfect condition at any time, anywhere. Our thick and durable sheets protect your chocolates from damage during transport and storage. This means our chocolate box inserts are ideal for transporting products over long distances. They are especially useful when shipping through delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS or FedEx. The internal packaging will protect the chocolates between each layer of the box and prevent them from sticking together when stored on shelves inside the box.

We use food grade materials made of recyclable paper pulp to manufacture our chocolate inserts, so they are safe for food products. All internal packaging materials are manufactured in cleanrooms according to ISO standards. Papercushionpads Package takes hygiene very seriously, so you can be sure that our custom packaging is perfect for any luxury food brand or retailer!

R & D engineer and technical director

We repeatedly improve the research and development of candy pads to provide superior protection for your chocolate candies.

These pads are natural buffer substances for candies to ensure that mobile and transport will not destroy your delicious chocolate.

The candy pad is an internal structure made of multi-layer paper, which is like many small spring, which is the buffering force of these small springs. It will keep chocolate safety turnover transportation.

Daniel Oscar

What Are Our cushion pads for chocolate boxes Made Out Of?

Our chocolate box cushion pads are made of food-grade glass paper.

glass paper is resistant to static, easy to absorb oil, non-water, surface custom printing, and high anti-air passage. Glass paper is the best raw material for making chocolate box padding. The glass paper also has low migration of ink to ensure that the printing ink does not migrate into the food.

And the glassine paper we use is food grade. Ensuring it can come into contact with your chocolates with no concerns.

Whether it is external glass paper or an internal honeycomb buffer all chocolate box padding a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly biodegradable. We make our pads in a dust-free environment to ensure no pollution opportunities.

Our partners
Rectangle, square, heart, circle, triangle, octagonal or you say shape, I have customized any shape of candy pads. Everything they make is based on your specifications. The number of orders is no minimum. Their prices are your exact needs.
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3 ply and 5 ply structure. They have been innovating and improving our products. They have developed 7 ply and 9 ply structures, currently being fused with innovation and elegant alternatives! Ordinary or printing, chocolate or white will supplement our external packaging. custom design to print to enhance the elegance of the candy pads.
PapercuShionPads have a management - a philosophical - service. Product quality and communication can get our customers' satisfaction.
Decorative and protective candy pads are also known as wadding, waffle, and deco pads. But no matter how you refer to them, called the most glamorous on the market today! We have been working with them for over 10 years. they will continue our fanatical approach to quality, service, and on-time delivery.

Why choose we as your candy pad supplier?

50 people over 10 years

26 new employees, 4 designers, 3 salespersons

clean workshops

1700㎡ clean workshops.1500㎡ UV sterilization workshop

Automatic production line

Automatic production line of 5 candy pads

Custom candy pads with logo provide exceptional protection for your chocolate products.

These pads act as a natural spring for your candy, ensuring that moving and shipping won’t break up your delicious chocolates.

The chocolate pads have been around for many years and they have always been used to make sure that the chocolate packed in a box does not break or get damaged by any rough handling during transportation. The pad is placed inside the box where it can protect all sides of the chocolates from getting damaged during transit. It also helps to keep them fresh until they reach their destination where they will be opened by someone who will enjoy eating them straight from the box or by placing them on top of other things like cake or other sweets on display at home or at work.

Art of chocolate packaging

Chocolate packaging is a delicate art. It’s not just about creating beautiful designs and shapes, it’s also about getting the package to be as visually appealing as possible.

The chocolate cushion pad is an important part of this process because it protects your product from damage during transport and storage. It also keeps your chocolate in place so it doesn’t shift around inside the box.

Chocolate cushion pads are thin sheets of material that can be made from different materials. The most popular material for making these pads is cardboard, which is why we call them chocolate cushion pads or just plain cardboard pads.

The main purpose of a chocolate cushion pad is to protect your product from damage during shipping and storage. If you’re selling online then it’ll protect your products until they reach their destination, but if you’re selling in person then you might want to have some extra protection for when people pick up their purchases too.


Papercushionpads Package is a leading supplier and manufacturer of paper cushion pad packaging products. We have many years of experience in the packaging industry and provide many related products, including chocolate boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, etc.

Our customers choose us for these reasons:

Best prices guarantee: Our low prices don’t mean compromising on quality. We can offer you the best prices because we produce directly from China. And we can also save expenses by shipping directly from our factory to you.

Fast delivery: We have professional logistics

Cushion pads are essential for keeping your chocolates safe. If you have delicate chocolates that could break or crack under pressure, then cushion pads are ideal for protecting them from damage. You need to protect your chocolates from wear and tear during transportation and delivery. This ensures that your chocolates arrive in perfect condition so that the customer receives a product that is up to your high standards.

Chocolate cushions are also used to fill empty spaces inside a box. This helps to keep the chocolates from moving around, which can also lead to damage in transit. It also makes the box look more attractive, especially if you choose a colored cushion pad that compliments your brand’s color scheme!

We can create custom inserts for products such as truffles, chocolate bars, and boxes with multiple tiers. No matter what kind of candy you need packaging for, we have the right solution. We can even create custom cushion pads with your logo embossed on them!

Our cushion pads are made from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option for your brand.

Chocolate box pads or chocolate pads,with padding layers, it can absorb shake during transportation.

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