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Paper Cushion Pads For Candy & Chocolate

We are manufacturers of all types of candy pads, paper cushion pads, and chocolate pads. These candy pads are used to protect chocolates, candies, cookies, etc. It fits nicely in the chocolate box.

Paper Cushion Pads 3ply, 5ply, 7ply 9ply with padding layers, it can absorb shake during transportation,keep it fresh. Candy pads are Food-grade. U.S. FDA and EDQM food contact materials paper and cardboard certificates can be provided.

Custom brand logo paper Color and Shape.

Different layers of candy pads
Material of paper cushion pads buffer

Since 1998, we have been developing and producing Paper Cushion Pads for candy and chocolate.

We provide food-grade Candy Pads & Chocolate Pads for the EU and Asia and Southeast Asian countries.

candy pads

Custom candy pads with logo.We are good at producing white pads black cushion pads and brown Candy Pads.Candy Bar Cushions is a weighting component of candy safe transportation guarantees.Usually 3Ply, 5Ply,7Ply,9Ply padding layers.

chocolate pads

Every box of chcoolates need a cushion pad to keep those chocolates safe and damage free.Biodegradable Luxurious Choc Confectionery Packaging Cushion Insert Pad.Chocolate Box Padding Custom layer or Duplex Print and Embossed.

paper cushion pads

Cushion Pads Suppliers, Candy and Chocolate Cushion Covers custom. Food grade meets FCS raw materials. Self-developed high buffer patented structure. Round, square heart shaped and various types of shaped manufacturing.

Our Paper Cushion Pads will keep your products safe and intact during shipping. Our custom boxes with cushion inserts can be easily to display on the shelves in retail stores, which will increase sales and increase your profit margins. Our paper cushion pads can also be used to easily ship your products out to customers by simply putting a pad inside a shipping box or mailing gift boxes. This will ensure your products stay safe and intact during the transportation process. We can customize the shape and size according to your needs. We can also print colorful designs on the surface of our paper cushion pads.

You don’t have to worry about their impact on the environment, the cushions are made entirely from recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable paper that you can dispose of at the kerbside bin.

The special bubble cushion design, as we can see from the breakdown diagram, is a hemispherical cushion arranged concave and convex like a water bubble. From the positive and negative direction to bear and through the middle of the isolation layer to disperse the pressure to play a protective role. The two buffers are separated by the middle isolation layer, and the top and bottom sides are covered with a waterproof and oil-absorbing food-grade paper finish. If you want to have stronger protection, add an extra layer of cushion and isolation layer to have 7 layers of protection, and so on.

candy pads and chocolate box cushion pads Manufacturing process

Food grade Candy Pads Raw Material 1 - Candy & Chocolate Packaging Manufacturer


Paper cutting

Custom FCS food-grade paper materials according to PI requirements, usually black or white and brown. Can also customize paper color

Paper dedusting and electrostatic removal


Paper dedusting

Eliminate dust and static electricity generated during transportation, storage and dividing materials

Food Grade Candy Pads Raw Material Printing - Candy & Chocolate Packaging Manufacturer


Custom brand

Food grade soy ink printing logo and brand VI.Optional single or double-sided printing.We have design and printing capabilities

Embossed close-up photo


Buffer layer embossing

Scientific reasonable buffer coverage and height, maximizing candy and chocolate protection, while minimizing thickness.

Food Grade Chocolate Box Cushion Pads Bonded and QC (1)


3PLY, 5PLY, 7PLY,9PLY bond

Clean workshop assembly line production process. Improve production efficiency and help your brand to improve market competitiveness.

Customized size and structure


Cut as required

Introducing automatic die-cutting equipment, reducing manual contact, improving the flatness and hardness of the edge of the product.

Food Grade Chocolate Box Cushion Pads UV Disinfection


We adhere to each batch of UV disinfection ≥ 48h. Ensure the destruction of common bacteria and E. coli. Each batch of products are submitted to authoritative mechanisms.

Candy Pads Chocolate Box Paper Cushion Pads warehouse keeper


QC entering warehouse

After passing the self-inspection of the production line, the product shall be checked by QC and QA before entering the finished product warehouse.The warehouse administrator registers and informs the sales staff.

PaperCushionPads.CO is a professional printing and packaging company.Office in New York, USA

Our main products are candy pads and paper cushion pads.

There are special candy packaging production bases in Shenzhen, China.

We have 1700㎡ clean workshops. Automatic production line of 5 candy pads. And 1500㎡ UV sterilization workshop and 815㎡ finished warehouse.

50 people over 10 years of work experience,26 new employees, 4 designers, 3 salespersons. Our team is not big, but very professional.

The company was established in New York in 1998.

2011 was set up by Chris. William established a plant in China.

PaperCushionPads.CO manufacturers Candy pads and Paper cushion pads. Accumulating packaging experience is a long process. Strictly manage our supply chain. To bring clients the best candy pads and paper cushion pads to show their brand, and also ensure the safety of food packaging.

Committed to food safety and packaging innovation has always been our vision

Chris. William
ceo rain


Most frequent questions and answers

Request existing candy pads samples and can be sent on the same day.

Custom Paper Cushion Pads samples for 5-7 days.
Batch orders must be 2-3 weeks of production time required for the necessary UV disinfectio.

Please send us details of the candy pads you want to custom.
( 1 )size

( 2 ) quantity

( 3 ) layers

( 4 )print or blank

( 5 ) your detailed address or postcode.

We generally offer 4 shipping methods for paper cushion pads. You can find the shipping method that suits you better.

Option 1: Fast shipping
By air freight

Transit time: 5-7 days.

Fast, the high cost is usually higher than the value of the product

Suitable for small orders or samples

Option 2: Standard shipping
By air freight

Transit time: 10 to 12 days

15-30% cheaper than option 1.

Suitable for small orders

Option 3: Economy shipping
By sea

Transit time: 25 to 45 days

80% cheaper than option 1. 60-70% cheaper than option 2

Suitable for large cushion orders

Option 4: Economic transport
By car or train

Transport time: 40-60 days

40% cheaper than option 3

Suitable for large cushion orders and for companies with sufficient planning time

We have four color options for Paper Cushion Pads: white, brown, black, and gold.

White is the color that best presents the brand’s printed logo.
Brown and black are often used for cushioning the inside of chocolate gift boxes
Gold is a favorite color for some festive occasions and some countries

We have a professional advice blog on custom paper cushion pads selection and considerations, please check out

Normally paper cushions are valid for 3 years in regular storage space
We therefore recommend that you budget for a maximum of 3 years of sales
to prevent wastage due to packaging upgrades and changes

We have previously described the shipping costs for different toolbox timeframes and recommend a minimum order quantity of 3000 PCS in order to obtain the most cost effective shipping costs, based on the previous customers we usually produce 10,000 PCS for first-time customers to optimize production costs and shipping prices.

Try to communicate with us

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